Jelly Go Hacked

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Jelly Go Hacked คำแนะนำ

Jelly Go Hacked - Once upon a time there was an incredible land called the jelly kingdom. all its inhabitants were living peacefully and happily until one day that some evil jelly pirates have arrived and wanted to take over the whole kingdom. what you will have to do in this really exciting, bouncy bouncy cnouncee game is to help the jellies to achieve their lifetime goal of defending their home trough building jelly castles and conquering the pirate jelly\'s buildings! build jelly castles and barracks to produce more jelly and win over the enemies jelly buildings. produce more jelly and make sure you help the blue jelly to defend their home. make sure to capture all the jelly pirates in this game called jelly go! have fun playing this interesting skills game called jelly go! in which you put your strategic moves to good use for the defense of the blue jellies.

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